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Kiipula Centre for Vocational Education and Rehabilitation

History of rehabilitation in Kiipula dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 1907, the last living child of Kustaa and Wilhelmina Kiipula died of tuberculosis, and as Kustaa Kiipula - member of the Finnish parliament - passed away, his wife decided to leave their house and property for the use of institutions developing treatment for tuberculosis. Thus, rehabilitation of patients recovering from the disease was started in Kiipula in 1945.

In the present Kiipula Foundation maintains Kiipula Centre of Vocational Education and Rehabilitation, which provides services on vocational special education, adult education, rehabilitation, and work life development. Our most important mission is to create our clients new possibilities and solutions to improve their working and functional capacity, well-being, and success in different phases of life.
Recently we have started to provide also conference and accommodation services. Kiipula provides magnificent, peaceful surroundings and the facilities enable all kinds of venues starting from small meetings to big conferences. The gyms, saunas and pool area are for you to use. Our conference services staff will provide you the meeting rooms according to your specific needs and they will take care that your day will proceed fluently. Kiipula Foundation has also own catering staff to make sure the clients can enjoy tasteful and healthy meals, not forgetting the special diets.
We are in process of creating a network with other service providers in the area to be able to provide our clients an extensive supply of leisure time activities. For this work we are participating in the International Food and Activity Tourism – project.
Kiipula is located in the countryside of Janakkala in the province of Häme, where the natural beauty of the surroundings offer a relaxing environment for meetings, seminars, studying and rehabilitation. The distance from Helsinki to Kiipula is 90 km. That is only one hour drive from the airport or from the ferry!
In Kiipula we want to develop the conference and accommodation services to meet the requirements of our clients in a peaceful and accessible environment. We offer our clients also the opportunity to add refreshing physical exercises or other activities, e.g. concerning work welfare lectures into their conference day.

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