product development in the region (05.04.2012) flour bakery workshop, Saaremaa, 3.05.2012 Capacity Building Seminar, 11.-12. April 2012, Setomaa. from each other, networking with Southern Estonia and cross-marketing 14.01.2012 food- smoked meat and food experience 13.01.2012 requirements of small producers 12.12.2011 Food and Activity Tourism product development 8.12.2011äme entrepreneurs familiarization trip to Saaremaa, 19.- 22.09.2011 Wine Masterclass 9.07.2011 Dishes Masterclass with Irje Karjus 11.06.2011 trip to Scotland 2.05-7.05.2011 turismiettevõtjatele 09.05.2011õulutoidu elamus 8.12.2010 trip to Häme region 26.04-29.04.2011 2011